Wednesday, August 13, 2014

update: silly hair

So...heya... I told you of the adventures of growng my hair out here!
Welp, I'm still at it! Here's an updated pic taken just a couple Sundays ago after church -- what do you think? I'm thinking I might do some light highlights -- not a bunch, still natural. Yeesh, I'm really liking the ashy hair look though. Oh, our first world things we think about. Shame, Jacie.

also...i cut my hair in the beginning of July. Yes, I cut my own hair. Some days I cut it waaaay too short -- like this last time -- mullet layers, people. But, that's okay. It'll always grow back (I hope). Side note, do you know how much money I've saved doing that? And husband shaves his head. I don't think we've actually paid for haircuts in YEARS! :) 

Try it out. Well, unless you give yourself a bad cut & it makes you cry. Then, don't.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

transitions: silly hair.

I'm in the midst of lots of transitions in my little heart, body & spirit! Some important, others not very relevant at all... Which brings us to my hair. 

My hair...hmmm... It's in the middle of a "change". You see, I think I'm growing it out. I say "you see" because I've said I'm going to do this before. Where I just let it totally go & see what happens naturally. Eventually, I'll get super tired of my darker roots (I am a natural blonde -- really! BUT, it only naturally BLEACHES in the summer). I'm thinking summer will be the perfect time to grow it out because it will be more subtle... It will still be bright blonde because the sun does that to me. But, it will fade in fall/winter. Yeah, we'll see if I last. 

It's just, I have been seeing so many heads of BEAUTIFUL, natural color of hair (& old ones of me w/out my hair bleached). Don't get me wrong -- I like the bright blonde, but... natural IS beautiful. Gosh, is this because I'm getting old? Oh yeow, I don't know. 

My mama would never let me get my hair done in High School because it bleached out so much in High School... she didn't see the point. I may not of liked it at the time, but it makes sense! I never even touched my hair (as far as color goes) until I was maybe 19 or 20... I wanted to get some subtle highlights...and that's what I did. Just a few here & there! It was still very natural! Then, I got some black streaks -- WATCH OUT! 

My friends have always done my hair, so I've never paid much. And I never want to. So, I got a wild hair one time & went & bought a box of color. I LOVED it! And seriously, have gotten so many compliments on the color -- even from hairdressers! When I tell them it's from a box they can't believe it! HA! Take that $150 salon hair color! :)

After getting it done for a few years & then bleaching it, I always thought I looked terrible if I didn't keep up with it. I'm sure this is the case for many gals. Don't get me wrong, I like it, but really...come on...we need to be comfortable with how God made us. We are made beautiful IN HIS IMAGE! And you know what, HE thinks you're beautiful! I've been reading this book, Simple Obsession by Jamie West Zumwalt, and I just passed a part where it's speaking to how beautiful we are in Jesus sight. That we, the church, are like His bride. What do husbands think of their brides -- that they are BEAUTIFUL in every way (I could keep going, but I suppose this is a topic for another post). The point I'm making is that you are a beauty...with OR without your hair done...with OR without your make up done...with OR without a super dark tan...with OR without the list goes on & on... 

So, here's to seeing if I can last & go natural. Atleast for a little while until I feel like a little bright color on that noggin of mine! :) 

Xs & Os & bleach hair with dark roots!

INSPIRATION TO KEEP GROWING (my natural OR minimally highlighted hair):

forgive my ducky face -- like 7 years ago! :)

i think i'd maybe highlighted it once, so all of the long hair is still virgin hair...i like that!

FOR COMPARISON (bleach vs non-bleach)
(side note: miss that puppufriend, SHANIA! :) )

TELL ME, what do YOU like?


transitions: silly wardrobe.

So. In the grand scheme of things, this is not a big deal. Yeah, I get that. But I'm still in the midst of trying to transition. I would wear black for every single event ever, every single day...for the rest of my life. Give me a few ivory or cream accents...maybe a scarf & call me set. No, seriously though. Black is my favorite. I'm not sure quite when this happened because I was NOT this way in High School. I wore lots & lots of color. 

I think it was when I got my job at The Limited. You could wear black & white (brand didn't matter), but if you wore color, it had to be from there. And so I wore lots of it. PLUS, I just think it looks 'classy'. And I don't care what anyone says, IT IS SLIMMING (normally). I think another reason I wear it is because I wear a LOT of bronzer usually (which I'm trying to back away from). So, my bronzer doesn't stain my black clothes! It's a bit trickier with colors/white clothes.

Anyways, husband makes fun of me for all the black I always wear. And he was being silly poking fun at me the other day when something just clicked that hasn't the last 6 years we've been together. Maybe I should wear color. Bet he'd like that! So, we chatted about it & he said that he'd love some color (but he also says all the time that I can wear what I want & what I love -- and believe me, he's a trooper because I wear some crazy things...)! So, there began my mission to work some color in my wardrobe. HEAR ME: there will still be lots of black...but, it's a work in progress. Especially if I'm going out somewhere, I just feel more confident. I don't know why, it's just an easy go-to for me...

So...we headed off to date night & swung by Goodwill on the way home. I seriously grabbed probably 40 dresses (it's in a wealthy neighborhood, so there's lots of goodies)! Hunky husband -- bless his heart -- was such a good sport. Hung out in a recliner directly in front of the dressing rooms! Out of the 40(ish), I only found 2 that I was loving AND that had color!!! So, we picked up those bad boys. The next day, I went back to that same goodwill (we'd closed it down the night before) & filled my cart up with skirts & shirts that have some color. I came out with a few more. After that, I went to 2 other Goodwills & found 2-3 more dresses & a few tops! And a new pair of jeans! I'm on my way! And seriously people, why not thrift -- you can get SO much more bang for your buck! I didn't use to be such a thrifty person, either! Changes, changes...

see my love for blackness:

see me trying some color:

So, here's what I'm doing to help the change along... ask husband what he wants to see me in... we had a date night the other night & I asked him to pick out my outfit (see Left picture with all the cubbies gear). His ultimate favorite thing is me in some cute sweats (I'm a lucky girl because that's my favorite thing, too)...his second favorite is, that was it. 

Another thing I've come to realize is that even though he'd like to see more color, he doesn't have strong opinions on what... that's been an adjustment. So, I'm just buying things that I'm comfy in & that are brighter (dress in Right picture -- Old Navy via Goodwill for $5.89 -- SWISH). The pink dress was actually this morning at church. Paired it with a neon yellow belt & some sandals... I got a couple different compliments! Husband's like, "see! you look great in color!" ... :)... 

Anyways, not super important or anything, but something I'm trying to transition to!

What do you think? Has this been something that you've made efforts on?
xoxo, j

Sunday, April 27, 2014

WEAR: neon & maxi

So... I cannot for the life of me remember where I wore this outfit to! It's driving me crazy! But, I must tell you, I do love it! Honestly, for weeks I've been trying to come up with a way to wear this skirt my mama gave me (because I love it), but without looking pregnant. And then I came across this picture! I hadn't even remembered wearing it! 

Anyways, I love the contrast of classy black & white with the neon pink! 

Happy Blogging!

all-star husband!

A few weeks back, Adam participated in an Annual Alumni Tournament that he does every year! I always have a blast going & watching him play -- not only does he present himself with high character & sportsmanship, he is absolutely a fantastic athlete! :)

Adam, me, Adam's mama, brother & brother's fiancĂ© 

Sidenote sort of piggy-backing on my above statement of his character, there were many men who were reliving old high school rivalries, which is okay I suppose, was to the point where they were literally getting in fights! We walked in to one game & heard the (grown) men calling each other names & making fun of each other's knee braces! AHHHHH HAHA! Seriously? All I could think was how embarrassing that must be for their wives AND how their children are sitting there watching them. These are their role models, their daddys to whom they are looking up to & learning from. I made sure to tell my husband how proud I was of him AND thankful that I would not need to worry about that! :)

Happy Sunday, 

date night: golfing!

When I was growing up, one thing I remember my mom & dad always talking about was date nights being important AFTER marriage. Especially after kiddos come into the picture. They said that this advice had actually come from our family doctor -- he always encouraged them do this & they did & do! This is something that Adam & I have purposed to do. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant, but just some time to go out together & do something.

For us, it started as cooking something together every Friday & picking out a new movie from our collection. More recently, it's been picking a new place to eat or just doing something different. This past Saturday evening, we went & hit some golf balls in this dome in the area we live. Adam has had a coupon to do this for FREE for quite some time now, so we finally decided to take advantage of it...and I must say, we had a BLAST! Even me who only stayed on the golf team in High School for 1 practice (HA!). We had fun just being there together, placing silly bets & goofing around!

So, if you don't do this, I encourage you to start this habit! And if once a week isn't attainable, maybe once a month -- just some time frame you guys can cut out of your busy schedules to focus on each other! Even if it's just going to Hardee's for a delicious burger (yes, we do this often -YUM)!

Kind of a funny side story, the first day of work at my job, we get taken out to eat. It must have been a Friday because I said something about 'having a hot date tonight'. My boss said, "Wait, what? I thought you said you were married?" I joyfully exclaimed that I was & that we still have date night! Awkward silence, but I later learned that they thought our tradition was pretty cool! And, we've gotten so much more encouragement from friends & family on this! Funny how there's a stereotype of people not dating after marriage -- BREAK IT, PEOPLE! Keep dating each other & falling in love over & over & over again! :) 


Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.

We don't get each other Christmas gifts. What we do is get a 'couple's gift'. Like, the first year, we bought a Wii & a couple games...and then we bought a gun...and this year, we bought this class & are taking it together. 

Lucky for us, our church is putting it on this year, so we got a pretty killer discount, which is always nice! :) But seriously you guys, this course is intense. It's pretty much a college course (yes, you can actually get college credit). It's a 14-week course (with homework, personal responses, 3 hour weekly seminars & a ending project) exploring God's heart for the Nations (in a super tiny nutshell).

We're nearing the end of it -- like 2 Tuesdays left! Our favorite part has been listening to all the missions workers & their stories (and the food)! The most challenging part has been enduring all of the reading (like I said, college book with homework -- no joke)! This is a large commitment! But, all in all, it has been pretty beneficial & opened our eyes to future possibilities where God may use us!
Like I was telling you in this post of becoming debt free, who knows where the future will bring us. But, one definitely cool thing we've chatted about is the prospect of missions work. Previously when we'd discussed it, we talked about how poor we would feel leaving a church to have the responsibility of our student loans (some churches help to cover that stuff when you leave). Something just didn't feel comfortable with that. BUT, since the Lord has been providing us with financial freedom, no mortgage, etc, the possibilities are endless. 

We were joking with our pastor & friends the other day about how Adam keeps me level. I'm all like high in the clouds and, "Let's move to Africa tomorrow & share God's love!" He brings me back to logical reality! :) "Maybe there's a better way to ease in, Jace..." or something like that. I'm glad God blessed me with a level-headed chap like him... It's just...I get excited! :) I'm super-de-duper excited to see where the future years will take us!

If you can scrounge up the money & are willing to take a time commitment for 14 weeks, I'd encourage you to try this course. You'll journey through Old Testament & New Testament & get to learn about God's purpose for every believer's life & learn how to share it with others! :)

Sidenote, before making the time & money commitment, they'll let you take 2 classes for FREE! Just to get a feel -- so, if you're interested, look up one in your area & give it a try! This a national class!

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